PacMan 30th Anniversary, Look What is Special

Pacman Arcade Games was first released in 1980, and received rave reviews from many game lovers, so Google released pacman 30th anniversary. Thus this one game becomes legendary.

Although there is no significant difference with the first one released, this 30th anniversary version is played more practically because it is enough to find it on Google just by typing it in the search field.

Thus, Pacman became one of the popular Game Doodles on Google. This is because of the large number of enthusiasts. Although there are 30th anniversary frills, there is no difference with the previous version.

Today Priestine Game Center will Review about Pacman 30th Anniversary Game

Therefore, you must know the review to be used as a comparison. Especially for gamers who want to know this information. Here are some reviews that can be informational:


Before knowing the story about pacman 30th anniversary arcade game, know first recognize for the original version, which was first released on May 22, 1980, by one of the Japanese game companies.

Since then, it has continued to dominate various consoles. Starting from, nintendo, smartphone to PC. Even now Google has launched an online version, for the Google Game Doodle category.


The original version is an Arcade type. Therefore, it looks 2 dimensions. Different for the 30th anniversary version, it has been created with a 3-dimensional touch. Thus, making it more lively.

It’s still about the eponymous character who has to eat points along the way he passes and must avoid monsters so as not to experience defeat. The graphics of the latest version, more real and contrasting.


Slightly different from the speed. the first generation has several speed levels. Gameplay for the 30th anniversary version has more agile speed.

Players for this 30th anniversary version of pacman must be more proficient to avoid monsters that become enemies. The player is only given 3 life chances for the defeat of his monster.


Just like the previous version, there is not too much difference in terms of sound. It’s just that for this online version, there is less use of music and louder voices.

Unlike the first generation pac man, many rely on the sound of music when the game starts. Especially when played on nintendo or video games, it has a loud sound.


Especially for this game is getting the most ratings among other Google doodle games. Because it is slightly different from the previous generation, Google released so that nisa is played multiplayer.

The existence of multiplayer spoils its fans to get a more exciting gaming experience. So it is very natural that this multiplayer version gets almost 100,000 points from its fans.

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Advantages and Disadvantages

This game made by a Japanese programmer, inspired by slices of pizza. Thus, from the moment the first generation was mentioned, it immediately became iconic for all consoles and PCs.

Especially for pacman version 30th anniversaey there are advantages and disadvantages. Although the version of Pacman was released as a 30th anniversary, there are still shortcomings.

At the age of 30 years, it should be able to perfect from the previous generation. The most obvious shortcoming is that it is not comparable between the protagonist and the ghost/monster figure.

However, this Pacman 30th Anniversary has advantages that deserve thumbs up compared to the previous generation, which can be played through Google games doodle from a smartphone or laptop. This makes it easy to play at any time.

Device Compatible

The category of Google Games Doodle that is recommended to be played through laptops and MOBILE. Especially for the latest version of Pacman is the pacman version of the 30th Anniversary.

Maybe, in play pacman 30th anniversary You think to get cheats? in this arcade game very difficult to play with cheating.